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Ancestral Wisdom Staff

Item Quality: 5
Comment - not a very good item. No constant effect, weak as weapon, in short - crap. At least you can get 7000 gold when you sell it ;-).
Location - I think you get at some point in the main quest but I'm not sure. Will update.


Hellfire Staff

Item Quality: 6
Comment - Nothing special. A staff weaker than the generic Wizard's staff... I say sell it unless you collect staves.
Location - on Mavon Drenim in Telvanni Tower, Vivec.


Staff of Hasedoki

Item Quality: 8
Comment - I would never use this item, but it sure is expensive. Because of that - onto the shelf ;-).
Location - on Koffutto Gildar in the Gimothran Ancestral Tomb.


Staff of Magnus

Item Quality: 10
Comment - the fact that this is the most expensive weapon in the game aside from the Sunder and the Keeling makes the Staff of Magnus one of the coolest Morrowind items. Regretfully it's enchantments are very weak IMO.
Location - on Dreveni hlaren, in Assu. It is also associated with a Mage Guild quest but you get to keep it.


Trebonius' Staff

Item Quality: 8
Comment - with this staff you can actually pound people to death ;-). I recommend using something else when facing people with high reflect though.
Location - on Archmage Trebonius, head of the Mage Guild, located in the Mage Guild in the Foreign Quarters Plaza in Vivec. If you are planning to join the Mage Guild better beat its quests before taking on Trebonius.


Wizard's Staff

Item Quality: 7
Comment - the generic Wizard's Staff that you get if you do the Mage Guild's quests. Nothing special. The levitate looks good, but believe me it is very annoying to have to wait until it expires if you want to, say, rest. Better enchant an item with 10 seconds of levitate.
Location - just do the Mage Guild's quests and you'll get to buy it. Or get it from Ramimilk, Shrine or Urshilaku, Lactus Burial.

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