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Weapons:Spears, Bows, and Axes
Light Armour
Weapons:Spears, Bows, and Axes


Spear of Bitter Mercy

Item Quality: 10
Comment - I believe this is the most expensive spear in the game. It is also one of the gifts that can be obtained from the Daedra gods.
Location - if you fulfil Sheogorath's quest (his shrine is in Vivec, under St.Olms or St.Delyn I seem to have forgotten which...) you will recieve it.


Spear of the Hunter (Bloodmoon only)

Item Quality: 9
Comment - this is one of the three possible prizes for beating Bloodmoon. Even though the spear is better than the other 2 prizes it still isn't that good..
Location - choose to Fight the Hunter in his Guile aspect and defeat him at the end of Bloodmoon.


Auriel Bow

Item Quality: 8
Comment - an interesting, enchantable, bow. Personally I never use bows so I've no idea how good it is.
Location - on Ralyn Othravel, in Ghostgate, Tower of Dawn.


Bow of Shadows

Item Quality: 9
Comment - seems to be as good as the Auriel Bow...
Location - in the Venym Ancestral Tomb.


Cleaver of St. Felms

Item Quality: 6
Comment - a crappy item. Another temple relic.
Location - on Mendel Eves, in Tureynulal, Bladder of Clovis.


Bipolar Sword (Tribunal Only)

Item Quality: 8
Comment - this is a truly curious weapon. Its enchantment is rather pointless as far as I am concerned, but the sword still is expensive and therefore cool to have ;-P.
Location - hook up the woman looking for a man in the Mournhold Market with the Trader and he will give you the sword.



Item Quality: 9
Comment - an extremely powerful 2-handed swords. Some people swear by it.
Location - Draramu Hloran has it. He's in Abanabi.



Item Quality: 5
Comment - a rather weak yet curious (because of the constant effect enchantment) sword.
Location - on the body (skeleton) of a dead hero in Kogoruhn, Hall of Maki.


Gravedigger (Tribunal Only)

Item Quality: 9
Comment - an aptly named sword. Quite powerful and expensive enough.
Location - Tienius Delitian has it. He's in the Royal palace throne room in Mournhold.


Her Ebony Scimitar

Item Quality: 9
Comment - this is the sword that the guards of Amalexia use.
Location - on any personal guard of Amalexia.


Hopesfire (Tribunal Only)

Item Quality: 10
Comment - the Sword of Amalexia.
Location - guess...


Ice Blade of the Frost Monarch

Item Quality: 9
Comment - possibly the most powerful of the game. Extremely expensive.
Location - on Llaren Terano in Rotheran, Arena.



Item Quality: 8
Comment - a pretty cool unique Glass Claymore.
Location - Urshilaku, Laterus Burial.


Sword of White Woe

Item Quality: 7
Comment - a very popular sword for the early game since it is so easy to get.
Location - Suran, Guard Tower or Balmora, Eastern Guard Tower.


Trueflame (Tribunal Only)

Item Quality: 10
Comment - Nerevar's Sword.
Location - given to you by Amalexia once you do a few quests for her.


Umbra Sword

Item Quality: 9
Comment - another really popular sword that a lot of people swear by.
Location - on the orc Umbra, east of Suran.


Stalhrim Longsword of Flame (Bloodmoon only)

Item Quality: 9
Comment - This is *spoiler* another Skaal quest item. *endspoiler* Not that good. Only unique Stalhrim weapon I've seen in the game.
Location - do the main Bloodmoon quest.

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