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This page is dedicated to helping you. Whether its trainer locations to walkthroughs its here


SKILL     |     TRAINER       |      LOCATION
ACROBATICS    |Senydie            |Fighters Quarters - Waistworks levels - Vivec Arena
ALCHEMY       |Abelle Chriditte   |Propyln Chamber - Stronghold Valenvaryon
ALTERATION    |Seryne Relas       |Seryne Relas's house - Tel Branora
ARMORER       |Sirollus Saccus    |Lowest Level -  Hawkmoth Legion Garrison - Ebonheart
ATHLETICS     |Adibeal Hainnabibi |Adibeal's Yurt - Kaushtababi camp - sSuth of Molag Mar
AXE           |Alfhedil Elf-Hewer |Upper Level - Stronghold Falensarano
BLOCK         |Shardie            |Courtyard - Buckmoth Legion Fort - Outside Ald'Rhun
BLUNT WEAPON  |Faralenu Henim     |Abby of St.Delyn the wise- St.Delyn Plaza - Vivec
CONJURATION   |Methal Seran       |Lowest Level of the Ald'Rhun Temple
DESTRUCTION   |Leles Birian       |East of Piernette's Farmhouse - East of Pelegiad
ENCHANT       |Qorwynn            |Near the exit of stronghold Indoranyon
HANT TO HAND  |Taren Omothan      |Southwestern bedroom -lowest level-Holamayan monastery
HEAVY ARMOR   |Seanwen            |Arena Fighters Training - Vivec
ILUSSION      |Erer Darothril     |Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub - Sadrith Mora
LIGHT ARMOR   |Aerin              |Andus Tradehouse - Maar Gan
LONG BLADE    |Ulms Drathan       |Armigers Stronghold - Molag Maar
MARKSMAN      |Missun Akin        |Missun Akin's hut - atop Falasmaryon stronghold
MERCANTILE    |Ababael Timsar-Dadisan |his yurt - Zainab Ashlander camp
MYSTICISM     |Ardarume           |west wing - Gateway Inn - Sadrith Mora
RESTORATION   |Yakin Bael         |the Vos Chapel
SECURITY      |Hecerinde          |Hecerinde's House - Balmora
SHORT BLADE   |Todwendy           |Lucky Lockup - Balmora
SNEAK         |Wadarkhu           |Druegh-jigger's Rest - Gnaar Mok
SPEAR         |Mertis Falandas    |lower level - Tower of Dusk - Ghostgate
SPEECHCRAFT   |Skink-in-tree's-shade |Mage's Guild - Wolverine Hall - Sadrith Mora
UNARMORED     |Khargol gro-Boguk  |Vacant Tower - Dagon Fel


(courtesy of gamefaq)
Quest 1: Morale Has Been Low

Carius will inform you that his men have been slightly "edgy" and the freezing
fort is not the cause. Because you're the new guy, Carius automatically trusts
you to get to the bottom of this mystery. You can start by asking the guards
why morale has been low. You can find a guard on the first floor of the General
Quarters. They won't tell you anything, but they'll ask for "booze" instead.
It's now safe to assume that you will need an alchoholic beverage for this
quest. Head into Carius' room, and go to his right to find some Greef. That
will do nicely. Head on over to your favorite guard and give the poor man what
he desires. Conveniently, he'll complain about this "dry fort." Confront

Carius says he didn't ban alchohol. I smell conspiracy. He also says that
it was Antonius Nuncius, the priest, who really had a problem with alchohol.
Having a talk with Nuncius about it will get you nowhere (but do it anyway,
he's funny). Instead, talk to a guard about Nuncius. He apparently has an
office in the Armory. It's on the second floor, so go there. It's not much of
an office. There are various types of drinks all around, but you'll only get
the journal entry if you unlock his desk and take a peek inside. What's this?
Drinks! And money! Take the money and leave, back to the fraudulent priest.
He'll admit he hid the drinks (finally). He gives you two choices: You can
either turn him in, or let him go free.

Choice One - Turn that greedy oportunist in:
Turning in Nuncius will result in him getting pissed at you, but Carius will be
proud of the job you did and give you some potions.

Choice Two - Let his crime slide
While this is morally the wrong thing to do, many people may choose this.
Nuncius gives you his key, which is absolutely the ONLY way you can get into
his cabinet with drinks galore. Don't try to use a lockpick, it won't work.
Carius won't believe what you are telling him, but he'll still give you 3
potions of "cure common disease."

The choice is yours. In case you're wondering, Regardless of the choice you
make, Nuncius is stuck on Solstheim indefinitely, miserable as can be. Hold
onto one of the potions, even if you have corpus disease already. Trust me.

Quest 2: Weapons Being Smuggled

No matter the choice you made on the previous mission, Carius still wants you
to do his bidding. It is evident in Fort Frostmoth that fewer weapons are
available than there should be. Carius feels you're not yet worthy of going
alone, so you can take Saenus Lusius or Gaea Artoria. If you ask him about the
two, the difference becomes apparent immediately. Lusius is a weakling who's
clever while Artoria is an idiot who can kill people with her sword. This
choice is significant. Lusius will give you the option to avoid a bit of
fighting, while Artoria makes fighting easier. If you're really weak, then go
for the chick. Otherwise, stick with Lusius.

Decide now and talk to one of them. They're both in the General Quarters.
However, Lusius is on the upper level while Artoria is on the ground floor.
After getting a companion, go to Faustus on the ground floor of the Armory.
He'll tell you that the smugglers are in Gandrung Caverns. Leave the fort to
the north for the first time and take a look at the scenery while you travel
east along the shore. It's only a short walk to the caverns. Once you're
inside, a journal entry will inform you that you're in the right place.

Fight your way through the caverns. If you're with Artoria, kill everyone.
If you're with Lusius, though, the head guy of the whole smuggling ring
will offer you a proposition. You can either let the guy leave, or choose
to kill everyone. The effects of these choices are hard to see. An
obvious result of letting the smugglers leave is that you don't have to fight
everyone. However, there may be more to the decision than that. If you do
choose to let them leave and come back MUCH later, they will still be there.
This could just be a game thing, or it could mean that the smuggler tricked
you. It doesn't affect you, so just make whatever choice you want. After
getting the journal entry that says you cleared out the cave, go back to the
fort. Wait, was it this broken up when you left? Your companion tells you
to find Captain Carius. He's not in his chambers, so go find the partner
for this mission that you did NOT go with. Talk to both, and find out
that you should go to the Nord Village up north. For the record, it's called
Skaal Village, and it's on the other side of the island. It's basically in
the northeast Corner. If you put the in-game map to World setting, you can see
a zone that is darker than the rest of the map. Skaal Village is in the
center of the dark zone.

Quest 3: Restore the Power of the Skaal

How did finding the captain turn into restoring the power of some village
you've never seen? You'll find out soon. Once you get to Skaal Village,
find Tharsten Heart-Fang in the greathall. Hand him the decaying skull of the
Skaal warrior, and he'll tell you that you have to represent all of advanced
mankind and atone for their sins. Sounds like fun. Go to Korst Wind-Eye's
place, which is the Shaman's Hut, and speak to the badly-clothed mystic. He
wants you to find six stones and restore their power. Read Aevar's story,
because it will basically tell you how to accomplish all of the tasks. Then
take a look at the document showing the location of the six stones, which is
now going to be referred to as the "map." You could go in the order that Aevar
did, or you could be smart and go the fastest way.

Wind Stone
This stone is SW of the Shaman's Hut. On the map, it looks like it is in the
center of where the two rivers meet, but it actually to the west. Activate the
stone like you would open a door. It asks you to travel south and then east of
Fjalding Lake to free the wind from a bag. You are looking for Glenschul's
Tomb. It is almost exactly SE of the Wind Stone, and is one square south of
Thirsk. Navigate through the tomb until you reach a bag. Open it and you will
hear a whoosh, signifying that the wind has been released. Go back to the Wind
Stone and reactivate it. You're 1/6 through this quest!

Beast Stone
This stone is more-or-less east of the Wind Stone. It's also one square north
of the east square of Lake Fjalding. The task for this stone is to help the
injured beast to the south. Head one square south of Lake Fjalding to find a
Snow Bear, being tortured by evil ricklings. Kill the ricklings, but be VERY
careful. The first time through I accidently hit the bear making the quest
impossible. When the ricklings are dead, open up the bear like you would a
corpse, and take out the arrow. Then cure the bear with a spell if you have
the ability. If not, stand there for a minute or two and you will get a
journal entry that tells you he is healed completely. Travel with the bear
back to the stone to finish the task for this portion of the quest.

Tree Stone
I found this stone was very difficult to locate. If you run a line north from
the fort, this stone would be bordering the line on the west side. It is SW
of the the east square of Lake Fjalding. As usual, the map doesn't help too
much in finding the stone. Once you DO find it in the Insifier Plains, talk
to the Tree Stone. It tells you to go east and find some seeds. Travel
east until you get the message that you have a new journal entry. You'll see
5 or so spriggans and a rickling. They are actually close, just a few squares
away. Don't bother with the spriggans, but take on the rickling instead and get
the seeds from his corpse. Run back to stone and walk around the stone, a
little to the west, until you get the option to plant the seeds. Do so, and
then use the stone.

Sun Stone
The Sun Stone's actual location is not even close to its location on the map.
The stone is significantly south of the east square of Lake Fjalding, and NE
of Fort Frostmoth. Your mission this time is to free the sun from the Hall of
Penumbra. Bethedsa makes it very easy to find this dungeon. Merely travel
west in between two rows of rock formations. Fight through the dungeon,
killing the beasts. The last grahl at the end of the dungeon is much
tougher than the previous creatures. Make sure you loot the corpse of this
"lightkeeper" grahl. After grabbing the eyeball, use it on the wall of ice
nearby to "free" the sun. Head back to the Sun Stone and use it to finish
the sun's quest.

Earth Stone
Are you sick of this quest yet? The Earth Stone's location is hard to
describe. If you find Raven Rock, which is NW of Fort Frostmoth, then you
can go NW from the west square of Raven Rock. You'll find it eventually.
When you do, the stone will tell you to go NE to find the Cave of Song. These
are awful directions. It is actually east of Thormoor's Watch. To find
Thormoor's Watch travel along the west coast. It's also on the paper map
provided by the game. Enter the cave, which is on the paper map, and get to the
Cave of Song. In this area, look for three stalagmites and three stalactites
lined up with each other. Repeat the SOUNDS that the top rocks make. To do
this, activate middle-right-left-right, and, for the next succesion,
left-right-middle-left. This may be random, though. Get out of there and
return to the Earth Stone.

Water Stone
Almost done! Grab 2 potions of "water breathing" if you aren't using the Boots
of Blinding Speed. The Water Stone is NE of Thormoor's Watch. It's actually one
of the easiest to find. Activate it for your instructions. To find the island
that the instructions speak of, go basically west and then travel north along
the coast, looking out to the sea. You should be able to see this island from
shore. The island will have a black horker on it. Follow the Swimmer until it
stops. Then surface, take the potion, and dive. Enter the cave and swim
through its twisted halls until you face a skeleton. Kill the skeleton and
grab the potion of water behind it. Quaff another potion if needed to make
your way outside. Swim back to the shore and get back to the Water Stone. Use
the potion you found in the cave. That's it! No more insane stone-given tasks
for the entire expansion!

Go back to the Skaal Village. Inform Heart-Fang that you've restored the power
of the Skaal. He's suprisingly ungrateful.

Quest 4: Prove Your Wisdom

This quest is really fun. You are sent to investigate a crime. Rigmor
claims thet Engar Ice-Mane stole his furs. Gather information in this order:

First talk to a non-guard random person in the Skaal about Engar.
Then talk to Engar's wife (Risi Ice-Mane) about Engar and Rigmor.
Finally, talk to Rigmor about Risi Ice-Mane

After you have done that, return to the Ice-Mane abode and collect a note under
the pillow. Confront Risi about it, and she'll admit to an affair with Rigmor.
Talk to Rigmor about the whole affair and he'll admit to his crime. Lead him
to the greathall, and speak to Heart-Fang. You must decide Rigmor's fate now.
Go ahead and pick sacrifice - it's the nicer thing to do.

Bring Rigmor with you outside and over to the wolf pen. Be a nice helpful boy
and open up the pen door. Rigmor will walk inside and put up a pathetic fight
against the wolves. It's better this way.

Quest 5: Prove Your Strength

You're proven your loyalty and wisdom, so what's left? The ability to beat up
things. Talk to Heart-Fang until he tells you to go meet Wind-Eye on the lake.
Actually, he can be found at the NE tip of the lake. He'll tell you to prove
your strength by swimming into the fire shooting out of the lake and then into
the cave to kill Aesliip. Find the fire in Lake Fjalding and swim into it, and
into the cave. Make your way through the Cave of Fjalding to Aesliip's layer.
Aesliip is there, and he talks (yes, talks) to you. He claims he used to be
a Skaal. Click continously on the new dialogue options until he asks you if
you will assist him. Agree not to kill him, but instead to help out. Aesliip
will follow you. Go into the next area. Have fun murdering all of the (Dire)
Frost Atronachs. Aesliip is more or less useless. When you do kill them all,
Aesliip will just die for no reason. With his dying breath, he gives you his
awesome ring that adds 75 magicka points, and gives you 10 willpower. It's
the only piece of equipment from Solstheim I kept. Leave the whole cavern area
with the thought that you just saved an entire land mass. Report to Wind-Eye.

Quest 6: Attack of the Wolves II

Report to Heart-Fang. He'll tell you to go away, so do that. Run up and down
the front of the Greathall until the message warning about the wolves is
triggered. These are not just ordinary wolves. They are werewolves. Go outside
and kill the freaks of nature. If you're too weak to help, then stay away,
because the guards are quite effective for once. When the wolves are all dead,
go back into the Greathall, just in time to witness the only person in the
room collapsing. Kill the two werewolves. Go outside and speak to Wind-Eye.
He'll inform you that you are diseased. Do you still have those disease-curing
potions that Carius gave you? Use them to cure the werewolf disease. Another
option is to not cure at all - but that's only if you want to be cursed with
being a werewolf. I wouldn't recommend it. Once you are cured, Wind-Eye will
give you the next quest.

Quest 7A: Totem of Claw and Fang

Now that you've been cured of your infection, Wind-Eye trusts you again. You
are now officially recognized as a Skaal (sort of). Wind-Eye wants you to
recover the Totem of Claw and Fang in Skaalara, with is a bit NE of Thirsk,
near the coast.

There are two strategies for grabbing the Totem, and both worked for me. If
you're a warrior-type person, kill all of the werewolves inside before going
for the Totem. What you can also do, if you have the Boots of Blinding
Speed or a good invisibility/chameleon spell, is just run through and grab the
Totem. The Totem of Claw and Fang is in a 30-lock chest to the very south of
the cave. Once you get the Totem, get out of there and return to Korst
Wind-Eye. Give him the Totem. Did you notice how short the quests have become?

Quest 8A: The Ristaag

The Totem is necessary for the Ristaag ceremony. The ceremony is
basically a great hunt in which you kill a spirit beast which is a souped-up
snow bear conjured by the Totem.

Once you recieve the quest, run over to the west side of Lake Fjalding. You are
sent to meet Rolf Long-Tooth. You can find him before nightfall, even though
he won't talk to you until night. Once you find him, rest until 9 p.m. and
then talk about the Ristaag. He'll tell you to follow him in the search
for the bear. As you walk, a loud shout eminates from the rocks. Long-Tooth
tells you to invesigate, so head to the giant rock formation to your right.
Behind it, hidden well, is poor Sattir. You should go back to Long-Tooth once
the journal is activated. Walk a little more and another hunter shouts. Run two
rocks over to the left to find Axe-Wife. Go back to Long-Tooth, and prepare for
a fight. Follow him for a little longer. Three werewolves magically appear
next to you. Kill them without touching Long-Tooth. He finally lets you lead,
so bring him with you and find the spirit bear. This bear is nothing compared
to the werewolves, so kill it. Grab the bloody heart of the beast, and speak
again to Long-Tooth. Run back to the Skaal Village alone and tell the good
news to Wind-Eye.

Quest 9A: Ominous Signs

This is THE most pointless quest. While Wind-Eye mentions the bloodmoon
prophecy, he doesn't want to go into detail. Instead, he finds it more
important to talk about the death of the horkers. Maybe you've seen them
littered near the shore. Wind-Eye is basically in denial, and he's looking
for any reason other than the bloodmoon prophecy that horkers are dying.
That's why Wind-Eye sends you to Castle Karstaag. Castle Karstaag is a castle
of ice that's actually very cool looking. You can find the castle by traveling
west from the Skaal Village. There is a direct path and bridge to help you
across the river. However, there are a TON of berserkers on the other side of
the bridge, so go around if you don't think you're ready. Once you get to
Castle Karstaag, you'll find its impossible to open the main door.

There is a back entrance underwater very near the castle, north of the island.
Don't bother with water breathing. Enter and meet the freaky talking rickling,
Krish. You are only told a fraction of his story, but it makes perfect sense
later. In the absence of the leader of Castle Karstaag, Krish wants to take
over. He hired grahl but the grahl ate all of Krish's allies. You
NEED him to go upstairs, so take him with you. The area is a little confusing
but you'll figure it out soon enough.

Fight through the grahl. The little rickling demands you kill all the grahl. If
Krish dies, restore an earlier save. Once you kill all of the grahl (you'll
know they are all dead because Krish tells you so), exit to the Banquet Hall.
Krish must be near you for you to enter. Kill all of the weak little ricklings
in this area, and be careful not to harm Krish. After all, the enemies and your
partner look identical. Once you've wiped out everyone, open the large door
and listen to Dulk's mindless complaining. He says that the master was carried
away by wolves. Hmm...3 wolf attacks. It took me two times through this game to
understand how everything correlated. (I guess I'm just slow.) Feel free to
take everything from the castle. Just make sure you've talked to Dulk about the
master being gone. Then you're free to travel back to Skaal Village. Inform
Wind-Eye that the Karstaagians are innocent.

Quest 10A: The Hunter's Game

The last main quest of the expansion is certainly the most difficult.
Wind-Eye tells you to wait. I recommend you grab as many potions of healing
and magicka restoration as you can. Also, repair all of your items. As soon
as you're prepared to proceed, make a back-up save and enter someone's house.
Sleep for as little as one hour, and you'll be the victim of the fourth and
last werewolf attack.

You'll appear in front of Hircine. He's the big, bad guy of Solstheim. He
says that you're now part of the hunt. Guess who else is there. If you haven't
figured it out, you'll soon see. Enter into the door when Hircine shuts
up and agree to assist Falx Carius. Things get VERY difficult. I had dulled
weapons and no potions with me the first time through, so I had to revert to
an unintended method of clearing this dungeon, the Outer Circle. You should
know that Carius's life depends on you right now. Unfortunately, you can't even
tell him to stand still. He'll follow you. There are two ways you can get
through this level with Carius alive. First, you can use your big blade to
slice into the countless werewolves inside. You'll find the key in the chest.
Use it get into the entrance to the Inner Circle at the center of this room.
Before leaving, Carius will tell you to go ahead. (He's a nice guy.)
Alternatively, you can run and jump your way through. This would only work if
you're using the Boots of Blinding Speed. If you're fast enough, you can get
the key and exit before Carius dies. Even though he's under attack when you
leave the Outer Circle, he will end up living as long as he doesn't die while
you're in that room.

The Inner Circle is the location of Heart-Fang. He is, beleive it or not,
corrupted with dark magic. He will eventually turn on you, when you find the
empty chest with no key. Make things easier for yourself. Agree to go with him
but, right after you agree, kill the guy. Things will turn out EXACTLY the
same. Heart-Fang is a little tough, because he turns into a werewolf. You get
the Hircine Ring when you kill him so that you, too, can becomd a werewolf
selectively. Heart-Fang had the key, so take it. You have two choices again.
You can either kill EVERY werewolf or do the smarter thing and transform.
You'll not only get a cool movie, but you'll move really fast. It may take
several tries but if you do a lot of jumping, you can make it through. Once
you go through the warp, you'll end up in a place where you can rest. As a
werewolf, all you can do is wait. Wait until you go back into human form and
find yourself naked. Re-equip everything. Save. 10 points to whomever can
figure out who you'll fight next. Run forward and kill Karstaag, the frost
giant. He's not that difficult at all. Once he dies, run over to the warp gate
and Hircine himself will pop out. You get to fight him now. He has three forms,
and you get to decide which one he uses.

Strength - He turns into a slow but strong animal. When you kill him, you get
an amulet that adds 10 to your strength and 15 to your attack, constant effect.

Speed - He becomes a VERY fast animal. Once you beat him, you get an amulet
that always fortifies your speed by 10, and your athletics and acrobatics by

Guile - He doesn't transform at all, but stays in human form. He has the Spear
of the Hunter, now, which paralyzes, burdens, and poisons. The good news is
that you get the the spear when you beat him.

No matter which form you fought, you can still grab the key and head through
the warp gate. You have defeated Hircine, and the bloodmoon prophecy has not
come true. Travel east back to Wind-Eye and tell him the good news. While he
can't make you leader of the Skaal, he's still grateful for once. If you saved
Carius, go back to the Fort and talk to him. He'll tell you his story.



- Destroying the Goblin Army -

Fedris Hler gives your first quest in the main part of Tribunal. Choose
matters to discuss, and Hler goes into detail about King Helseth raises
an army of goblins beneath Mournhold. This allows Helseth some
protection against likely Temple attacks.

Hler asks that you take out two goblin warchiefs, and two atmer
trainers, who are helping to train the army.

This is a long quest, and a good test on whether or not your character
is capable of going through the rest of Tribunal. Stock up on lots of
health and magicka potions, as you're going to need it.

Enter the Residential Sewers via Godsreach (northwest corner), then
go east, south, east, then south again to a ladder leading to the
West Sewers. Once up there, go east through a very straight-forward
path until you reach a door to the Battlefield (there is a second
doorway that leads you to the Palace Sewers; skip that). Along the
way, you'll fight what seems like a legion of goblin fighters. If
you're having trouble now, I recommend heading back to the mainland
and leveling up. It gets much harder.

Once you're in the Battlefield, you'll reach a huge cavern. If you
can open level 100 locks, use the door to the east (City Gate). If
you can't, use a levitate spell/potion to reach the highest point on
the northern wall. There is a door that leads to the Abandoned
Passageway. Both ways will lead to the same area, but lets take the
City Gate path.

Go through the city gate, then unlock the level 100 door to reach the
Residential Ruins. At the fork, the northern door leads to the Tears
of Amun-Shae, where the two warchiefs are. Further down leads to Teran
Hall, where the two atmer trainers are.

Enter the Tears room, and take out the warchiefs in the caves to your
west and east. They're both fairly close to the entrance, and you won't
have to worry about other enemies dropping in. When the two are dead,
you'll receive a journal entry update. Leave the Tears of Amun-Shae,
back to the Residential Ruins. Follow the unknown path to Teran Hall.
The enemies you killed here previously may have respawned, so make sure
you're ready to fight when you first re-enter the ruins.

Make your way through Teran Hall, and you'll come up to the two Atmer
trainers (one decked out in full orc armor; both have ebony weapons!).
Finish off the trainers, and grab their weapons (Ebony longsword and
war axe; 25000 gold!) then return back to Hler. Use an Almsivi
Intervention spell/scroll to return quickly. You may want to go back
to do some quest work (Thrud miscellaneous quest, Delitian quest

Talk with Hler, and you will reward you with a rather large sum of
gold (15000).

- Cleansing the Shrine of the Dead -

When you talk with Hler again for some more services for the Lady, he'll
say you should tak with Gavas Drin, Archcanon of the Temple for a quest.
From the reception area, enter the west door to his offices, then left
at the fork, then left into the first door you run into.

Talk with Gavas, and you'll order that you escort Urvel Dulni to the
Shrine of the Dead, so that he can cleanse it of the undead building
up there. Yes. Another escorting quest. The best course of action for
this one, however, is to first clear out the path to the Shrine of the
Dead, then return and bring Urvel with you. Why? The enemies to the
Shrine are fairly easy, but the Profane Acolytes that guard the inner
sections are tough mothers. It may not be the best idea to have Urvel
wander around as you fight these suckers. Make sure you don't talk to
him, if you plan on going in first. I think talking with him immediately
activate him to follow you.

Enter the Temple Sewers from the basement. To reach the basement, go
to the Halls of Ministry via Drin's offices, then go down to the

Once in the sewers, go west, north, east, then north into a large open
area. Remember this area, as I'll refer to it more often (as we pass
through it a bunch). Head east from here, to Temple Sewers East. When
you go through the door, you'll immediately be attacked by a Black
Dart Gang member. He isn't too tough, but those darts can be deadly. And
if you're at all interested in taking out these guys, refer to the
miscellaneous quest that deals with them.

Continue east until you reach the Temple Gardens. Here, you'll face a
bunch of regular ol' skeletons. Again, nothing too hard, as long as you
don't fool around with them. Continue moving along until you reach a
fork. The door ahead of you takes you to the Temple Shrine. The path
to your right takes you to Gedna Relvel's Tomb, which leads to the
Robe of the Lich quest. I recommend entered the tomb, and move forward
a bit until you receive a message about a smell. This triggers the
quest. Refer to the Robe of the Lich quest in MISCELLANEOUS QUESTS.

Inside the Shrine, you'll come up to your first Profane Acolyte. He'll
immediately summon a bonewalker, then use his powerful magic against
you. As with any summoner, just concentrate on the Acolyte. With him
dead, open up the Old Metal Door, with four more Acolytes. Fortunately,
you can face each one by themself. Simply throw a spell or an arrow/dart
at one to get his attention, then go back into the first large area.
Take him out, then get another one. Rinse and Repeat.

When all four Acolytes are dead, return to the Temple to get Urvel
Dulni. Return back to the Shrine of the Dead, and lead him to the altar
where you killed off the four Acolytes. When he "cleanses" the area,
return back to Drin to complete the quest. Your reward: Blessed Spear.

When asked about more quests, Drin will say to talk to Hler.

- Barilzar's Mazed Band -

Talk with Fedris Hler about services to our Lady Almalexia. Apparently,
our lady friend wants to get ahold of Barilzar's Mazed Band, although
Hler (or for that matter, Drin) have no idea why she would want this.
He mentions that to get the band, you'll have to go through the
Abandoned Crypt, which was previously blocked off by rocks. It seems
that Almalexia has removed the rocks, and given us entry. Excellent.

Bid farewell to Hler, and return back to the Temple Sewers. At the
large open-space area, take the western route towards the Abandoned
Crypt. Despite it's spooky name, there isn't much to be scared of in the
crypt. You'll face off with three Lichs (similiar to the Profane
Acolytes of the last quest). Eventually, you'll run into Barilzar
himself, who is a bit pissed off that you've disturbed whatever the hell
he was doing by himself.

Kill him as usual. Careful now; he does hold a large stick (aka Daedric
fricking Claymore!). Once Barilzar is removed, take the band from his
cold, dead body and return back to Hler. Short quest, ay? Hler says
Drin wants to see you, so head over to his office and talk with him.
He mentions that Almalexia wants to see you herself, so enter the
High Chapel (enter from any area in the Temple), and speak with the

For your reward, she gives you Almalexia's Light. It restores 25 points
to all your attributes. Not bad.

- Attack on Mournhold -

When you talk with either Almalexia, Drin, or Hler, each will give their
own personalized response on how they have nothing for you to do. Yay.

If there are any miscellaneous quests you like to do, go ahead and do
that. I'm not sure what exactly activates the next "main" quest, but
I believe you want to rest (or do something) for roughly 12 hours. At
that point, anyone you talk to will say something about creatures
coming from the statue in Plaza Brindisi Dorom. Since no one will talk
to you (everyone says you should go to the Plaza, with no ability to
talk about anything else). Head to the Plaza.

When you arrive, you'll see a bunch of weird looking creatures coming
from the statue in the center of the plaza. You can let the High
Ordinators and Royal Guard kill off the creatures, or you can help them
out. And no, none of the guards will die; once again, no cool looking
Royal Guard armor for us ;). When all the creatures are dead, report
back to either Tienius Delitian or Fedris Hler. It makes no difference
(although if you talk to both, they'll let you know about it).

Both give you the same quest: Go inside the Dwemer ruin through the
opening at Memorial Statue, to Bamz-Amschend. Go inside, and make your
way through a short cave, until you approach a large opening (Heartfire
Hall). When you receive a journal entry update after seeing the new
creatures and the Dwemer fighters' battle return back to Delitian
(you can also go back to Hler, but talk to Delitian gains access to
a couple more quests from the King himself).

When you return to Delitian, he tells you that the King himself
requests an audience with you (who happens to be right in front of the

- Uncover Assassination Plot -

Ah, another assassination plot against the King. For those who already
have gone through Tienius Delitian's quests, we've already stopped one
of these. However, this one's a bit cooler in my opinion.

Helseth reports to you that an orc in the Winged Guar has information
about the newest plot. Using the secret term "uncle's farm" the orc
should give you the latest information. Leave the King's presence,
and head into the Winged Guar, then down into the basement where the
bar is. Since there is only one orc inside, it's obvious that
Bakh gor-Sham is the orc to talk to. You may need to bump your
disposition up, as he won't reply to the code word if its less than

When you mention "uncle's farm," Bakh will tell you the plot is actually
against the King's mother, Barenziah. Well... that's strange. Who
could possibly be behind this.

Return back to the King, and tell him of this news. He orders that you
will be the one to stop the attack, but hiding in the antechamber
outside Barenziah's chambers. Go to her room (take door to Imperial
Cult Services behind throne, then move straight), and close the two
doors (one to her chambers, one to the antechamber). Then, go behind
the screen, right against where the screen and the wall meet. When
you're there, rest for 12 hours. When you wake up, you will receive
a journal entry update, saying you're in the right place. The assassins
may or may not be attacking now. If they aren't, sleep some more. They
will show up eventually.

When the three Dark Brotherhood assassins come in, take'em out. We've
faced them before; they're nothing special. Take their expensive
equipment from their bodies, and return to the King. He will reward
you with Helseth's Collar, and mentions that there may be more work
you can do for him.

- So, you want me to fight the deaf guy? -

Talk with Helseth again. I don't know what his deal is with putting your
life in absolute danger, but he wants you to fight his uber-badass
bodyguard Karrod. Yay. Sleep 24 hours, and talk with the King again.
Mention you're ready to fight, and the King and the rest of the Royal
Guard will walk to the edges of the room, leaving Karrod and you.

Eventually, Karrod will take out his weapon and attack you. There's not
much I can say to help you out here, other than heal when you need to,
and be patient with your attacks. There's no reason to get your butt
kicked here. I managed to have my low level Mage run around the throne
room for about five minutes, throwing spells that did maybe 1/20 of
his life and finally take down Karrod. Despite his reputation, he
doesn't hurt too bad.

When you get Karrod's life down fast, the match will end, and the King
will reward you with the Dagger of Symmachus (worth 10,000 gold at the

- One, Final Quest -

After you've successfully beaten Karrod (hopefully), talk with the King
one last time. His last quest requires you to continue through the
game. He suspects that Almalexia had something to do with the attack on
Mournhold, and he wants you to get "close" to her. Besides, the only
person the King thinks who could've created the creatures is either
Almalexia herself, or her old friend Sotha Sil. Almalexia is likely to
be the only person with information on him, so he requests that you do
work for her.

And if you speak with the King before you finish the game's main quest,
he comes most angry.

Head to the Temple, and talk with Almalexia to continue the game.

Remember to talk with Helseth once you've finished the main quest, as
this is a REAL quest.

- Ending the End of Times -

First order of business from Almalexia is to discover what the End of
Times cult is up to. Almalexia tells you that seven members of the cult
have been found dead in their homes; poisoned. She wants to know what
these people's beliefs are, so she suggests talking to a few people.

Meralyn Othan on the western part of the Great Bazaar had a brother
(Sevil) who was in the cult, and was one of the seven to be found dead.
Almalexia believes she may know more about the cult. Secondly, we must
seek out Eno Romari, the head of the cult itself.

Let's first talk with Meralyn, who is in the Great Bazaar. Talk to her
about the End of Times, and her brother, and she'll explain that the
cult believes the Tribunal is losing its powers, and that members are
killing themselves in some sort of cleansing. Dastardly. Now, let's move
onto the Eno himself. We don't know where he is specially, so talk with
people about him. But since this is a guide, I'll simply tell you
where he is: right outside the Winged Guar, wearing a white robe. Very
easy to spot.

Talk with him about his beliefs, and the topics that are created from
that. When you talk about the cleansing, that's the information you
need for Almalexia (you should receive a journal update for two from
this discussion). Return to Almalexia, and talk to her about the
End of Times.

She's pissed off that there are people in Mournhold who believe that
she is losing her powers, but thanks you for your service. While you
don't have to kill Eno, she does say she'll take "care" of him. Sweet.

- F33r my 1337 skillz, Mournhold! -

Still pissed off, Almalexia wants to revive the power of
Karstangz-Beharn. This Dwemer machine in Bamz-Amschend is the power to
affect the weather of Mournhold. Almalexia is not too happy, and she
wants to create Ashstorms in Mournhold, and make her people pay for
their ignorance... or something.

When talking with her, make sure you ask about "Ashstorms in Mournhold!"
When you bring this up, she gives you a Powered Dwemer Coherer. This
is absolutely necessary to complete this quest. If you don't get this,
you'll have to completely go through the ruins again, as the enemies
will revive. And they're tough as rock.

Enter Bamz-Amshcheud, and enter Heartfire Hall (where you saw the big
battle earlier). There may be a couple guys still standing, so take
care of them (ideally from up on top, so that you can pick each one

From the bottom of Heartfire Hall, enter the Passage of Whispers. Enter
the Hall of Wails if you want to get the items to complete the clutter
quest in the MISCELLANEOUS QUESTS section. Since you're here, you
mind as well do it, no? Go back to the Passage of Whisper, through
a Heavy Dwemer Door down to Radac's Forge. Go through one of the doors
that has a level 100 door. One of the chests should contain two Dwemer
Satchel Packs. You absolutely need two of these, so make sure you get

When you have two Satchel Patches, continue through Radac's Forge until
you come to some collapsed rocks. Hit spacebar on the rocks when its
icon comes up, and the game will ask if you want to use one of the
Satchel Packs to blow open a hole. Say yes, and run your ass back.

After the explosion, go back to the rocks, and crawl through them to
the Passage of the Walker. The rest of the journey is fairly linear,
as you go through King's Walk up to Skybreak Gallery.

Once in Skybreak Gallery, take out the couple Dwemer enemies on the
outside rim. Once they're done, head towards the center. On the north
facing side of the center, press spacebar on the Dwemer Junction Box.
Press yes, and you put the Powered Dwemer Coherer inside, powering up
Karstangz-Beharn. Turn around, and look at the three levers.

The left and center levers move the pictures, and the right lever stops
the pictures. You want to stop the pictures so that you see one with the
volcano, spewing ash all around. The left lever moves to the right, the
center moves to the left. My best advice is to lower the right lever,
and then move the left lever until you scroll through to the volcano.
I think that works ;).

Once you have the weather set on ashstorms, return to Almalexia. She's
most pleased with your work, despite the fact that she's caused
countless slowdowns on people's computers. Message to Bethesda: WE

- Salas Valor's Last Stand -

I like this quest. Not only does Almalexia give us permission to kill
one of her Hands (the elite of Ordinators), but we also get to keep all
the cool looking armor they use.

Back to the quest. It appears Salas Valor has gone nuts, and abandoned
his post as a Hand of Almalexia. But instead of retiring quietly, he
decided to bitch about his previous employer. Although hesitant to
give you the order, Almalexia assures you that this is the only option

Almalexia tells you to ask people where he is, but I'll save you the
time and just say go to Godsreach. Look around the Winged Guar, and you
should spot Valor fairly easy by his magically enchanted High Ordinator
gear. Talk with him, and he'll immediately attack you.

Valor is tough, but nothing entirely special. He does have a high
reflect magic chance, so be careful you don't kill yourself if you use
magic. His ebony longbade rocks, but its charges don't last too long.
When he's dead, take his equipment, and return to Almalexia.

She's disappointed that Valor had to be killed, but happy that you've
done her dirty work. For your reward, Almalexia offers to do one of
three things:

    1. Skin like iron (CE, fortify light, medium, heavy armor +5)
    2. Protection against paralysis (CE, 20% paralysis resistance)
    3. Warm, reflected glory (CE, Fortify Health + 10)

I suppose you could choose the fourth option, but you'd have to be nuts
to choose that.

- Forging Nerevar's Blade -

It's about fricking time. Going through Morrowind, I was surprised you
were never able to recreate Nerevar's sword. Heck, the main quest makes
no mention of it, until now.

Talk with Almalexia, and you'll begin a long conversation about Nerevar,
and that she believes you are the Nerevarine (does this conversation
change if you are already the Nerevarine?). She explains that after
Nerevar allied with the Dwemer, the Dwarf-King Dumac forged two blades
for Nerevar and Almalexia when they were married. Nerevar was given
Trueflame, Almalexia, Hopesfire. Hopesfire remains with the goddess,
but Trueflame was destroyed in the last battle at Red Mountain, where
Nerevar was killed.

Almalexia as one piece of the blade, and claims that the other two
pieces are conveniently in Mournhold. It's time to find them, then
a craftsman who can forge the blade.

Practically any person outside the Temple will say go see Yogak
gro-Gluk if you want Trueflame reforged. Well, that was fast. Now,
onto the two pieces. I can send you on a wild goose-hunt, or I can
simply tell you to talk with Karrod in the throne room in the palace.
If you've fought him, his disposition should be high enough to where
he will give you the second piece (Old Dwemer Weapon). I'm not exactly
sure who points you to Karrod, but I think it may be Barenziah. She
also mentions talking to Plitinius Mero. Do that.

Mero says that you should try Torasa Arath at the Museum of Artifacts
in Godsreach. Talk with her, and she'll say she has a Dwemer Battle
Shield that may work, but she wants you to donate two items to the
museum. Blasted. Unless you have two good items to go to waste, I
suggest doing King Helseth's quests (if you haven't), or some of the
miscellaneous quests (Golena Sadri, Robe of the Lich) to find two items
to donate. When you've done that, take the three items to Craftmen's

Talk with Yagak gro-Gluk, and have him forge the blade. Wait 48 hours,
and talk with him. He will give you the blade, but say someone will
have to enchant the sword to reflame it. And despite the fact that
we gave way 20,000+ gold at the museum, the Dwemer piece we got from the
museum appears to be worthless. Darn. Ask Yagak about reflaming, and
he'll say try looking for the writings of Radac Stungnthumz, who lived
in Bamz-Amschend. Great; I hate that place.

- I will walk through the fire! -

Enter Bamz-Amschend, and enter the passage of whispers, down to Radac's
Forge. If you don't have another Dwemer Satchel Pack (you should have
at least one more), you're going to have to search throughout the
ruins to find one. The Hall of Winds (opposite of Passage of Whispers
in Heartfire Hall) has one.

In Radac's Forge, enter the first Heavy Dwemer Door you see, and search
for Radac Stungnthumz's ghost. He moves around, so you may need to
look around a bit. However, I've never had any problems finding him.
When you talk to him, you'll discover that he will reflame the sword,
but he needs some Pyroil Tar to do the job. While he used to have some,
it's long gone. He knows that there are some found in the lower caves
of Norenen-dur, in the citadel of Myn Dhrur. Good stuff.

Leave Radac, and continue through to the Passage of the Walker (through
the first collapsed rocks). When you reach another Heavy Dwemer Door,
turn around, and you'll find another group of collapsed rocks. Use
your second Dwemer Satchel Pack, and create an opening for you to go

Alright, we're in Norenen-dur. Move forward a bit, then east towards a
door that goes to the Teeth that Ghash. There two other doors here, but
they lead to nothing (as far as I know). Continue moving along until
you reach the Citadel of Myn Dhrur. Along this path (and in the Citadel
itself), you'll fight the badasses of Morrowind. Storm Atronachs,
Dremoras, Golden Saints, and Winged Twilights are your foes here,
not to mention the Dremora lord, Khash-Ti Dhrur.

When you kill Dhrur, search his body to get the Pyroil Tar. If you're
the adventurous type, levitate up to the top of the Citadel, and enter
Wailingdelve, which contains a lot of Daedric equipment along the
waterfall. Return back to Radac whenever you're ready.

Talk to Radac about "add fire" again, and he'll reflame the sword.
Sweet. Return to Almalexia once you've done this.

- Clockwork Orange, Part I -

After you're relit Trueflame, talk with Almalexia. She'll explain that
Sotha Sil has gone nuts, and she wants you to take him out. At this
point, you have two options. Teleport to the Clockwork City, and finish
the main quest, or say you need to prepare, and do whatever you want.
You need to be at an significantly high level to do this last mission.

At the very least, keep an extra save at Mournhold, just in case.
Teleport to the Clockwork City.

The City is really one puzzle after another. Most doors (ones that don't
lead to a new area) are opened by levers that require a high strength
to push. Off hand, most are easy to do, with the exception of one.

Enter the Outer Flooded Gates, by using the level on the right pillar
(from where you first entered). Go through the door, and head east
past the moving axes. This is pretty easy to do. A nice trick I used
was hold down tab, then turn the camera 90 degrees. This allowed me
to get real close to the axes, and see exactly when they would come down
to kill me.

Hit another level, then go south, east, then north into a larger space,
then east through a door, to the Inner Flooded Halls. From here,
you'll face the norm; a bunch of fabricants. They're tough, but not
too hard as long as they don't bunch up on you. From another large
room, go east to a set of three different axe traps. Again, use the
same strategy as above, and pass through all six axes. It may be a good
idea to save now, so you don't have to go through it again, though.

Use the door to the Hall of Delirium, so south at the fork, then east,
then south again to the Central Gearworks (bypassing the spikes on the
ground). And if you don't have any way to fortify your acrobatics or
speed, I recommend picking up the speed elixers that the fabricants

In the Central Gearworks, go up the spiral ladder, then into the Hall
of Theuda (passing the fire; it seems like you can't pass it, but you
can), then to the Hall of Kasia. Take out the three fabricants, and
slowly walk up the ramp. See what you need to do? Wait the spinning
spike to pass you, then run like heck to the door on the second floor.
If you can fortify acrobatics, you can jump straight to the door. If
you can't, use those speed elixers (at least 15+), then wait for the
spike to pass you, then race to the door to the Dome of Serlyn.

- Clockwork Orange, Part II -

You may be having "fog" problems in the Dome of Serlyn. E-mail me if
you are, and I can help you fix it. Inside, you'll find two levers
to the right of a machine. Keep the left one red, and wait until you
hear a bunch of sound from the machine (it's creating a fabricant).
Keep pressing the right level, until it turns green. Immediately,
run into the machine, pass the enemy, and through the door to the
Dome of Udok.

In Udok, press the lever to your right to create a bridge. The lever
requires a huge amount of strength (100+). It's unlikely you have 100
Strength unless you're at an extremely high level. So what are you
supposed to do? The Hulking Fabricants drop strength elixers; fortify
stength +10 for 10 seconds. Pick up a couple of these, use them, then
press the level.

Moving on, the rest of Clockwork City is fairly linear, through the
Hall of Mileitho, then to the Dome of the Imperfect. I ran away from
most enemies ^_^, tired as hell from the boring fabricants. However,
once you arrive in the Done of the Imperfect, you're greeted by
something most unexpected: a fricking robot!

I have no idea how to kill this guy effectively. I fortifed by
acrobatics, then jumped on top to the non-moving Imperfect, and shot
fireball after fireball. The Imperfect couldn't touch me, but it took
fricking forever to do this.

But unless you're an absolute wuss (like me), this isn't an effective
way of killing him off. This is likely because you aren't using
magic-based attacks, nor do you have what seems like an infinite amount
of magicka (I can assure you, I used up dozens of potions to continue
my onslaught). I'll assume you're at a high level, and holding a weapon
comparable to the badassness of Trueflame. High speed is absolutely
required, so that you can dodge the Imperfects stomp/magic attacks.
Boots of Blinding Speed are great at this, but if you have a decently
high athletics (and you aren't carrying much), then that's enough to
dodge his attacks.

Furthermore, you'll need to beef up your strength. How much?
*cough*A couple hundred*cough*. The higher the better; I've managed to
kill the Imperfect in one hit, with a strength value at somewhere near
3000. The lesson in all of this? Fortify strength pwns us all. If don't
have access to these kinds of potions, then I suggest the cowardly way
of killing this guy that I mentioned first.

Once he's dead, enter the Dome of Sotha Sil.

- The End of our Journey -

Go up to the lifeless Sotha Sil, and you'll receive a journal entry
update. Turn around, and attempt to leave. Almalexia will show up,
using Barilzar's Mazed Band. Dastardly.

Almalexia uses her time to give you a lecture about many things. Such
as: Sending you to Sotha Sil to die, so that she could use you as
a martyr for her new world order, outside of the present Tribunal
ways. She confesses that she killed Sotha Sil herself, and used his
waning powers on the attack of Mournhold.

After much talk, Almalexia pulls out Hopesfire, and attacks. The
toughest amount in Tribunal, Almalexia relies mostly on Hopesfire.
She did use a couple of magic attacks at the beginning of the battle,
so you may want a decent magic resistance (especially considering the
shock damage from Hopesfire).

Other than her damaging weapon, Almalexia just has a lot of life. Pound
on the bitch 'till she dies really isn't a simplified version of the
fight. Heal when needed, and keep pounding away. I found that I took
more damage off her at the end of the fight, so don't fret if it seems
like you're doing no damage against her. She'll go down eventually.

When she dies, take Hopesfire and Barilzar's Mazed Band from her body,
Equip the band on you, and you'll have an option to teleport to Vivec,
Mournhold, or Sotha Sil. Teleport anywhere, and you'll appear in the
High Chapel of Mournhold, no matter what. Exit the Temple to the
Courtyard, and you'll be greeted by Azura.

Considering this is the last part of the game, I'll say nothing about
what Azura says. Weeeee! We're done.

If you did King Helseth's quests, return to him for your reward for
keeping an "eye" on Almalexia: full set of Royal Guard armor. Sweet.