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Noseferatu's Screenshots


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Here are Noseferatus Pictures


Nosferatu's Dwemer report :
Introduction to the Dwemer :
The Dwemer of Tamriel, also known as the Dwarves, were a reclusive Elven Clan who lived in Morrowind during the first era. Although they had long bushy beards, they were not short, stubby, Tolkein Dwarves. They were a strain of Mer (Elves) and must be approached on their own terms to be understood.
What's left of the dwemer :
All that remains of the Dwemer is that which they made and left behind.Of course, the most famous remaining artifacts are Numidium, which Tiber Septim used to forge the 3rd Empire, Keening, Sunder, and Wraithguard. Only a few dwemer things live.
Rare Dwemer Foundings :

These are sections out of the Dwemer books "Divine Metaphysics" and "Egg of Time", respectively. "Divine Metaphysics", in the words of Baladas Demnevanni, "is an explanation of how the Dwemer tried to make a new god, Anumidium, using Kagrenac's tools and the sacred tones on Lorkhan's Heart." Demnevanni also tells us that "(Egg of Time) is Bthuand Mzahnch's refutation of a popular theory from Nerevar's time. A few tones of Dwemer believed that using the power Lorkhan's Heart involved unjustifiable risks. 'The Egg of Time' summarized many of Bthuand's arguments against this idea, many of which are quite compelling."

Nosferatu's Special Pictures :
Shortcut :
Well,in this page are the wonderfull and unique pictures of the game morrowind and the expansion set GOTY.Those pictures below are sketches of  morrowind.Enjoy it fellows.

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