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Here is a list of good weapons

Long Blades
BiPolar blade: Location - hook up the woman looking for a man in the Mournhold Market with the Trader and he will give you the sword.
Chrysamere: Location - Draramu Hloran has it. He's in Abanabi
Gravedigger: Location - Tienius Delitian has it. He's in the Royal palace throne room in Mournhold. Kill him to get it
TrueFlame: Do the Tribunal main quest and eventually Almalexia will give you a piece. To get the other pieces fight Karrod by asking Barenziah to challenge him. The last is the the museum(DONATE two items to her to get it)
HopesFire: *****SPOILER***** During the last main quest you will kill almalexia and get this plus Barilzars Mazed Band
Umbra Sword: Location - on the orc Umbra, east of Suran.
EltonBrand: You must first have goldbrand then you become a vampire any clan will do - go to vivec mages guild and do sirlonwe's quests the second one is to kill a vampire named shashev in ald-ruhn and take his key when you return to speak to her have the key and 11171 gold in your inventory -drop the rest of your gold - when you speak to her she will say TO HELL WITH CAROLINA and change goldbrand to eltonbrand
Spear of Bitter mercy: Location - if you fulfil Sheogorath's quest (his shrine is in Vivec, under St.Olms or St.Delyn I seem to have forgotten which...) you will recieve it.
Spear of Hunter: choose to Fight the Hunter in his Guile aspect and defeat him at the end of Bloodmoon.
Scourge: In the chest next to Fyr  in his tower
Stendaars Hammer: Location - in the museum in Godsreach
The Sunder: Location - Dagoth Vemyn has it, he's in Vemynal, Hall of Torque.
Mace of Aevar  Stone-Singer: Location - Just do the main Bloodmoon quest. You get it after the 6 Stones quest.
Dagger of Symachus: Location - do the quests for the king
The Keening: Do the main Quest