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Daedric Weapons and Armour


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Here is a list of daedric armour and weapons




Daedric dai-katana- Dremora's randomly carry them, also:
1.Dai-katana is being held by Llaro Llethri who is in the Tower Shack
of Dren Plantation
2. Bolyn venim, venim manor, ald ruhn. Dont kill untill your done with
main quest.
3. On the body of a Dead Hero in the Maesa-Shammus Egg Mine. This mine
is east of Mt. Assarnibibi. Inside the mine, the body is lying behind
some rocks in the Queen's lair.

Daedric claymore-
1. Telvani vaults
2. Dren plantation
3. Masaur caverns. Inside Ghostgate, northwest of dagoth ur facility.
4. Mournhold- Sewers Do the main quest (2nd one Almalexia gives you)
and fetch the Balrizar Mazed Ring. The Balrizar has it on him.

Daedric tanto- ald sotha, lower level. East of vivec.

Daedric Club- Dagoth ur, inner tower.

Daedric darts-ald sotha, some lady has them. Kill her before she throws
any.You can also get two in the daedric ruins of Ashalmawia. Go inside
and search for a door to the sunken vaults. Go inside and walk to the
end of the tunnel. Levitate to the highest platform you can find and
search for the darts leaning against a small chest.

Daedric longbow- Forgotten Galleries of the Daedric Ruins Maelkashishi.
Maelkashishi is northeast of gnisis, and southeast of ald velothi.

Daedric arrows- There are eight lying beside a daedric longbow in
Maelkashishi. There are a few in the Berandus stronghold, in the keep,
they are lying next to a skeleton.

Daedric Katana- Dren Plantation, Dren's Villa, the guy
who has it also carries a Daedric Shield.

Daedric Longsword- Dren Plantation, on the roof of the
guard house.

Daedric crescent- You get this item from a chest on the shelf next to
Divayth Fyr in Tel Fyr. You can open the chest with a lockpick or
spell, or you can take the key from the table behind Divayth.

Daedric dagger-
1.Berandas, Underground
2. Dagon Fel, Sorkvild's Tower
3. Tel Aruhn, Upper Tower (Gothren)
4. Tel Branora, Tower Guardpost (darvasa vedas)
5. Tel Branora, Upper Tower: Therana's Chamber (therana)
6. Tel Vos, Central Tower (ronerelie philulanie)
7. Tower of Tel Fyr, Hall of Fyr (divayth fyr)
8. Vivec, Redoran Under works

Daedric shortsword- Dagoth ur, lower facility. Also one on gentleman
jim stacey. And also one on aryon in aryon's chambers, tel vos.

Daedric mace-daedric ruins of Ashalmawia, west of urshilaku camp, i
believe its next to a chest

Daedric staff- Ibar-Dad. This is just southwest of urshilaku camp.

Daedric War Axe- Ashalmawia, Shrine, Sunken Vaults. Some guy in ebony
armor has it.

Daedric Wazikashi- Prelude shipwreck, east of ball fell. Its in a

Daedric War hammer- Marvani ancestral tomb. It's located on a small
island south of the daedric shrine Zaintiraris, which is just south of
Molag Mar. Go through the shrine, then through another one to find it.

Daedric Battle axe- Ibar-Dad. Southwest of urshilaku camp.

Misc. locations- Under st.olms, in vivec. Bunch of people have daedric
weapons in a shrine in st.olms underworks.

Golden saint's and dremora's randomly carry them.

Find the lost ebony mine south of balmora: Go south past the egg mine,
cross the bridge that hangs over the river, find the lost ebony mine in
the mountainside, go inside and walk out. Then go to the haunted manor
in hlallu plaza. Talk to the guy downstairs. He offers a variety of
daedric weapons.


here we go..
Full set- divayth fyr, tel fyr.

BOOTS-Galom Daeus, Entry - The boots are located in the same room as
the vampire merchant Arenara. They are sitting on a shelf on the right-
hand wall. Galom Daeus is the headquarters of the Berne vampire clan,
and is located slightly southwest of Uvirith's Grave (the site of the
Telvanni stronghold), which is located west of Tel Fyr.

The quest for auriel's bow for house telvani
In Mournhold go to the Plaza Brindisi Dorom, Hearthfire Hall, Passage
of Whispers, Radac's Forge, Passage of the Walker use a Dwemer Satchel
Pack to make a hole to Norenen-dur Shrine. Inside, go to the Teeth that
Gnash, Citadel of Myn Dhrur, elevate up to the Wailing delve. Then go
down to the cataract rocks, during jumping down you will find a lot of
stuff including a Deadric Left Pauldron. Walk some meters forward and
look down. You see a giant rock at the left where you can stand on,jump
on it. Now scan with you curser for the Daedric Cuirass.

GREAVES- Dren plantation, dren's villa. Or the quest for auriel's bow
for house telvani.

GUANLETS-Kogoruhn, Bleeding Heart - Kogoruhn is almost directly
northeast of Maar Gan. The gauntlets are on the lowest level, sitting
on a rock close to Dagoth Elam. Go through the Hall of Phisto, Hall of
Maki, Nabith Waterway, Charma's Breath, and into the Bleeding Heart

Left- See second daedric cuirass location
Right- In the tower of Castle Karstaag(Solsthiem)

SHEILDS-Dren Plantation, Dren's Villa - Galos Farethi. Also found in
Galom Daeus, Observatory - In the room that Raxle Berne is in. Levitate
to the upper area.

TOWER SHIELDS- Golden saints randomly carry them.

Face of inspiration/terror-Tower of dusk, ghostgate.

Face of god-Marvani Ancestral Tomb, Tukushapal, Sepulcher - At the
Lizard's Head in the Telvanni Waistworks section of Vivec, talk to
Ennbjof with a bottle of Matze in your inventory, and he'll give you
the key to the tomb. It's located on a small island south of the
daedric shrine Zaintiraris, which is just south of Molag Mar. The
entrance to the tomb is on the southern end of the island. Proceed down
the tomb, into Tukushapal, and then into Sepulcher. Once you enter
Sepulcher, levitate up and to the right, following the hum of the

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