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Unique Items


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Here are some unique items from all three games

Hircines Ring: Turn into a werewolfe for 6 hours
Bluedevs ring of viewing: See cinematics of screenshots
Aesliips Ring: CE +10 to willpower and +75 to int
Ring of Raven Eye: Hollow treestump near thirsk
Mantel of Woe: Rimhull
+/ Tribunal \+
Royal Siignet Ring: Kill Helseth
Barilzars Mazed Band: Main quest
Helseths Collar: Do assasination quest for Helseth
Goldbrand: Goldbrand is a scripted reward for completing the Quest of Boethiah. To begin your quest, swim to the Sunken Shrine of Boethiah and speak with Boethiah's head. The shrine is marked on your paper map as an "X" north west of Hla Oad. Even so, it is sometimes difficult to find. It is nearby Daedric the ruins of Ashurnibibi.. Boethiah will tell you to seek out a Sculptor. The Sculptor is an orc by the name of Duma gro-Lag and he lives on the third floor of Ghorak Manor, Caldera. Duma will require 2000gp as well as a "statue book". This book is called "Boethiah's Glory" and can be purchased from Jobasha's Rare Books in the Lower Waistworks of the Vivec Foreign Quarter. Once you have given Duma these things, he will begin building the new shrine at Khartag Point. I do not know exactly how long you must wait, but he was definately done in 1 month of game time. Journey to Khartag Point (northwest of Gnaar Mok) and speak with the restored statue of Boethiah to receive Goldbrand

BoneBitterBow: The bow is located in the Urshilaku Burial Chambers. The entrance is southeast of the Camp. Once in the chambers, make your way to Laterus Burial. The Laterus Burial is a very high-roofed cavern filled with waterfalls, mummies and stone walkways. Levitate or walk your way up to the entrance of Juno Burial. It's the topmost door . Enter Juno Burial and find the Specter of Sul-Senipul. You will need to kill the Specter and when you've done so, check its corpse (the little pile of goo). You will find the bow on the corpse.

To get the Curass of the savior hide .

you can get the Curiass at Tel Fyr,west of Sadrith Mora on a small island, you need to levitate up to Divarth and have somethin that opens a 100 level lock, look for a wardrobe( should be near Altes Fyr)
and the curiass is in there

Where is the Dragonbone Cuirass?

The Cuirass is in Mudan, Central Vault which is accessed through Mudan Grotto. To get to the Grotto, fly/swim Southwest from Ebonheart. You'll find the entrance underwater. Once inside, swim to the end of the Grotto and enter the Dwemer door. Search out the Central Vault and you'll find the Cuirass in a steel Dwemer closet. The curass is great it protects you by 333 and has constant effect 100% resst to fire.

Chrysamere:Chrysamere is being held by a necromancer named Draramu Hloran. You will find her in Abanabi a cavern North-east of Tel Fyr.

The Daedric Face Of God:The Face of God is located in Tukushapal, Sepulcher which is connected to the Marvani Ancestral Tomb. To locate this tomb, take out your paper map. Spot Molag Maar, South of Molag Mar are some Daedric Ruins (Zaintiraris). west of Zaintiraris is a large island (it's just off the coast of the mainland). On that island is Marvani. Once inside the tomb, make your way to Tukushapal. The center of the maze has a door that leads to the Sepulcher, you will see a Boat, Levitate up and look around untill you find a secerate room, The Face Of God is right next to the Chest.

The Daedric Face Of Terror:The Face of Terror can be found in two places. First, The helm is found on Enar Dralor who is in the Lower Level of Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk.The second place is in the Forgotten Vaults of Anudnabia, Forge of Hilbongard. The Vaults are accessable through the Omaren Ancestral Tomb. Take out your paper map and locate Sadrith Mora. On the same island, to the east are some Daedric Ruins. The small island to the northeast of those ruins is where Omaren is located. Once inside Anudnabia, head to the Forge room. Levitate above the floating chest, and look towards the back of the chamber. There's a ledge at the very top at the back of the chamber and the Face is lying out in the open.

The Daedric Face Of Inspiration:The helm is being worn by Galdal Omayn. He's on the second floor of the Tower of Dusk in Ghostgate.The second place you can get one is in Ibar-Dad which is west of Urshilaku Camp. You will find the helmet in the burial chamber.The third place you can get one is in Mamaea, Sanctuary of Awakening. To locate Mamaea, take out your paper map and locate the words "The Ashlands". West of the "e" and just across the mountains are some Daedric Ruins (Dushariran). Just across the road from those ruins will be Mamaea. The helmet in Mamaea is sitting in a Sixth House "offerings" trough in the Shrine of Pitted Dreams.

Ten pace boots: The Ten Pace Boots can be found in Bal Fell (in the islands far SouthEast of Vivec as marked on your map), Inner Shrine section, in the chest in front of the statue.

Daedric Creasent:The Daedric Crescent is in Magas Volar. Magas Volar is only accessible through the Tower of Tel Fyr (as marked on your paper map.) Once you're in the Tower of Tel Fyr, head on up to the Hall of Fyr. Find Divayth Fyr (he's the person in the Daedric Armour so you can't miss him) and look on a shelf to his left. You'll find a "small ornate lockbox" with a low level lock. Open it (don't wory Divayth is quite oblivious) and equip the amulet you find inside. You will then be transported to Magas Volar. Kill Lord Dregas Volar (the Dremora that's probably flinging nasty spells at you by now) and you will be transported back to the Hall of Fyr. The Daedric Crescent will be added to your inventory automatically.

The Fists of Randagulf:The Fists are in a Sixth House base (Ilunibi). Ilunibi is a cavern on a small island northwest of Gnaar Mok. Once inside, make your way to Soul's Rattle. At the left rear of the chamber, there is a Sixth House "offerings trough" (be careful, there are two troughs: the one you want has a scroll, 2 potions, a silver staff, and an armorer's hammer in it). Behind that trough are the Fists.

Full Daedric armor: West of Sadrith Mora there is an island called Tel Fyr go in onyx hall levitate up youll see a person with daedric aromr on.

BlueDev's Ring of Viewing: its in the stuffed Cliff Racer (which is in the Skaal greathall) after you have killed Hircine. What it does is let you watch the werewolf cinematics as many times as you want!

The Fork Of Horripulation:Take out your paper map and locate the words "Sheogorath". North of the "S" is an island with a shack on it. This shack belongs to Big-Head the Argonian, you will find the Fork on a table.

Keening:Keening is at the Red Mountain citadel Odrosal. Its in the tower. You can either pick the lock or kill Dagoth Odros and get the key. He1 also has the Amulet of Heartfire.

Remember you must have wraithGaurd equiped before you equip Keening

Sunder:Sunder is at the Red Mountain citadel Vemynal. You must kill Dagoth Vemyn and take it from his body. He also has an Amulet of Heartheal. Dont forget you must have the WrathGaurd equiped before you equip Sunder.

WraithGaurd: You can get Wraith Gaurd two ways, the first way is to do the Main quest, or you could Go to Vivec,Temple area, Walk up the long stairs and pick the lock. Kill vivec and take the Dwemer artifact thats on his corps. Then take the artifact to Tel Fyr (an Island west of Sadrith Mora). Then go to the lower level go through the door and look for a Odd looking creature, talk to him and he will restore its power!

Lord's Mail:The Lord's Mail is on Furius Acilius who lives in the caverns under Ebonheart. The best way to get into the caverns is to swim around the castle until you find a under water door.

Ebony Mail: The Ebony Mail is a scripted reward for completing the Temple Quests (You cant kill any one to get it). The only way to get it is to do the Temple quests.the Ebony Cuirass is different from the Ebony Mail.

Masque of Clavicus Vile: The Masque is on Sorkvild the Raven. Sorkvild lives in a tower to the east of Dagon Fel and will attack you on sight. Once he's dead, check his corpse and you will find the Masque.

Mehrunes Razor: Mehrune's Razor is a scripted reward for completing the Quest of Mehrune. To start your quest, go to the Statue of Mehrune in the Daedric Ruins west of Ald Velothi. Mehrune will then send you to look for his dagger in Alas Tomb. Alas is a tomb at the end of a foyada which is right next to the "r" in Molag Amur.Go to the shrine of Mt. Assarnibibi.When inside, take the rusty dagger from the corpse of Varner Hleras. Return to Mehrune with the dagger and he will restore it.

Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw: The helm is a scripted reward for doing the quest given by a Statue of Malacath. The Statue that gives the quest is on the same island as Ald Redaynia. At the eastern end of the island you'll find the daedric ruins of Assurdirapal.Go into the shrine and find the statue of Malacath.Talk to him and he will begin to talk, and listen carefully. Malacath's quest is easy: find Farvyn Oreyn and kill him. Farvyn and his two guards are walking around some bull netches South-west of Gnaar Mok. Once you've killed him, return to Malacath, he will give you the Helm as a reward.

Skull Crusher: (TA) Anudnabia enter through Omaren Ancestral Tomb, The Tomb is Noth East of Sadrith Mora, You must Go into the forgotten is floating above the chest, You just use a levitation spell,or a Rising force potion, witch there are alot of around there.

Ring of Surroundings: (TA) Completion of Camonna Tong quest given by Larrius Varo. Also in Dren Plantation Tower Shack.